Can I modify my shipping method after I placed my order?

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We’re happy to help you modify your order before it’s shipped.

If we manage to intercept your package before it’s dispatched from our warehouse (we ship out the majority of orders within 24 hours), one of our team members will get back to you to help you upgrade your shipping method.

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All Tablet2Cases parcels are monitored with our Advanced Tracking System (ATS) that sends regular status updates to ensure you never lose track of your goods. They also include the contact details of your local delivery company.

All standard mail packages will be delivered by the main national postal service for your country.


UK - Royal Mail

Australia - Australia Post

Canada - Canada Post

Germany - Deutsche Post

France - La Poste

Spain - Correos

Italy - Poste Italiane

You should contact either their customer support or your local post office.

Every ATS update includes a tracking ID and the name of the carrier responsible for delivering your package. If you don’t receive a local phone number in the update, please contact the carrier on the official local customer support number.

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