How do I place an order?

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Once you find a product which you’d like to order, check the quantity, size, and color to make sure it’s what you’d like to receive. Click the ‘Add to cart’ button and you will have an option to keep shopping or go to cart.

Once you proceed to cart you’ll be able to check the items you have selected. Proceed to checkout if everything is correct.  Before proceeding to checkout. You’ll have an option to choose free standard shipping if your order value exceeds $40.

During checkout make sure to provide your delivery address (don’t forget about your phone number especially if you’re choosing expedited shipping – we won’t be able to dispatch your order without it). You can use your Discount Code on the same page – once you’ve successfully applied the code you will see it added in the summary of the order.

After you provide a delivery address, choose the shipping method, and apply Discount Code, go ahead and click the ‘Continue to payment method button’.

We can't ship to PO boxes, sorry. Our logistics partners won't let us. Please provide a physical address instead. If you already placed an order, we'll get in touch with you for a physical address, or an option to cancel the order.

Choose your payment option by providing bank card details or choose to pay with your PayPal account.

Select 'Complete Order' to process your order and payment. You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail with your order summary. Check your SPAM folder if you have not received one.

If you’re having difficulties placing your order, please let us know here and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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