My keyboard is defective, I press “j” button but it shows “l” or some keys are not working

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Before first use, please charge the keyboard for 4-6 hours before trying to connect and pair it with the device. Believe it or not, that simple step solves 90% of problems with the keyboard :) 

OPTION 1: It's about the pairing

If you have a problem with:

  • pairing the device
  • it's connected but it seems like it's not working
  • the keys are not working or one of them snapped off

Please download the attached manuals at the bottom of the page. We have compiled summarized solutions for all of these problems. You can also find additional manuals here:

OPTION 2: It's about the language

If you use a different language than US English, it is possible that your keyboard is set to another layout (QWERTZ for the German language, AZERTY for the French language, etc).

You will need to check the language settings of your keyboard (called input method) and switch them if necessary. 

If you weren't able to find the solution to your problem in the manual or it didn't work out, please contact us and we will resolve your issue. 

Please see downloadable manuals below:

[CooperCases] Keyboard input method for Android.pdf

[CooperCases] Keyboard input method for Windows.pdf

[CooperCases] Keyboard troubleshooting.pdf

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