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Q: How do I pair my iPad with the keyboard?

A: 1. Charge the Notekee for 6 hours.

2. Turn the Notekee on and hold 'fn' and press 'C' at the same time.

3. On your iPad go to Settings>Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth O

4. Search for available device and choose 'Bluetooth Keyboard'


Q: What material is this case made of?

A: It has a hard plastic outer shell and premium aluminum undercarriage.


Q: How do I turn on the backlight on the keyboard?

A: Press the Fn button and the "backlight button" (the button with a lightbulb)


Q: How do I adjust the brightness and change the colors on the backlight?

A: - To adjust the brightness press Fn + Up/Down arrow- To change the color press Fn + Right arrow key


Q: My keyboard stopped typing,/ some keys stopped working.

A: Charge your keyboard for around 6 hours, most keyboard issues are due to low battery. If the problem persists, please contact us for more assistance.

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