Cooper Dynamo

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Q: I don't know why the cutouts don't seem to be aligning with the buttons on my tablet. 

A: Our Cooper Dynamo is a dedicated case designed exclusively for specific tablet/iPad models. Although many tablets have similar dimensions, if not the exact model, it won't be compatible. However, if you are sure it is the correct model, let us know, and we'll investigate what went wrong!


Q: What material is this case made of?

A: Our Cooper Dynamo is made of EVA foam. This makes it a heavy-duty case to protect your tablet/iPad from falls.


Q: Does the Cooper Dynamo come with a screen protector?

A: Yes! The package includes the case and a plastic screen protector. The raised bezel also protects your screen at the moment of a fall.


Q: Where is the stand on this case? 

A: Our Cooper Dynamo has a convenient handle that is great for carrying the tablet around. That same handle can be used as a stand-in for two different views. 


Q: My tablet doesn't fit! There is a black plastic thing inside the case that doesn't let it go in. 

A: The plastic insert you are referring to can be removed. It is placed inside the case for extra protection during the shipping process. 


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