Cooper Touchpad Track Pad Finger Functions

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One Finger Tap Mode

Action 1: Tap one time while on the main interface.

Function: Mouse cursor manipulation.


Action 2: Tap two times and slide.

Function: Select or move the icon.

Jump out of the mode: See Action 3.


Two Fingers Tap Mode

Action 3: Tap the pad one time.

Function: Cancel the selection.


Two Fingers Scroll

Action 4: Slide fingers up or down.

Function: Scroll web page or file up/down or scroll the split-screen.


Two Fingers Zoom

Action 5: Slide two fingers in the direction shown in the image for zooming in. Slide-in the opposite direction for zooming out. Suitable for PDF pages, images, or internet pages that can be zoomed.


Three Fingers Swipe Down

Action 6: Swipe three fingers down.

Function: Switch between the main interface and the previous program or page.


Three Fingers Swipe Up

Action 7: Swipe three fingers up.

Function: Switch between the main interface and split-screen.

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