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Q: How to pair/connect the iPad to the Kai Skel A1


  1. Charge the Kai Skel A1 for 6 hours.
  2. Turn the Kai Skel A1 on and hold ‘Fn’, and press ‘C’ simultaneously.
  3. On your iPad, go to Settings>Bluetooth
  4. Turn Bluetooth on
  5. Search for available devices
  6. Choose ‘Bluetooth Keyboard’
  7. You are now connected.


Q: How to use the backlight on the 12.9 version


  1. To turn the backlight on, hold ‘FN’ and press the ‘light bulb’ (right side of the space bar) simultaneously.
  2. To change backlight brightness, hold ‘FN’ and press ‘light bulb’ (right side of the space bar) up to 4 times’. The 4 levels are low, medium, high, and off.
  3. To change the backlight color, hold ‘FN’ and press ‘RGB’ (right side of the light bulb) up to 7 times. There are 7 different backlight color options.


Q: If certain keys are not working correctly.


  1. Unpair and repair your iPad from the Kai Skel A1.
  2. Charge the Kai Skel A1 for 6 hours.


Q: My Kai Skel A1 won't charge


  1. Make sure the cable is plugged in correctly and attached to a power source.
  2. If the problem persists: try a different power source (wall charger/computer) and try a new cable.

If the above methods do not fix the issue, then please get in touch with us.


Q: I can’t put my iPad back further than 125° 

A: The hinge of the Kai Skel is designed to hold the iPad Pro 12.9 up to a maximum 125° viewing angle. Forcing the iPad back further than this will result in the hinge breaking and the case not supporting the weight of your iPad.


Q: How to remove the iPad

A: Push the 'Push' button on your case, and push the iPad through using the hole in the back of the case.


Q: There is a black mark on the edge of the keyboard

A: This is some residue from the inside of the case. Simply wash it away with a fabric cloth or tissue.

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