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Q: How do I apply the screen protector?

A: To apply the screen protector, follow the following steps:

  1. Clean the screen
  2. Before you lift its backing, position the screen protector over the display to see how much margin to leave.
  3. Remove extra bits of dust with a mild adhesive.
  4. Line up the top of the screen protector with the screen on your device and apply it.
  5. Slowly start to apply the screen protector while removing the film on the back. You can use a credit card to apply the protector smoothly.
  6. Once the screen protector has been applied, you can use the credit card to smooth over the applied screen and remove any bubbles.
  7. Use a cloth to wipe away and dusk or fingerprints on the outside of the screen protector.

For a more detailed explanation, please visit: How do I apply my screen protector?


Q: How do I put the case on my tablet? It seems tight, and I'm afraid I'll damage my tablet.

A: Our Pure Sense Buddy Case is designed to fit snugly on your tablet to provide the best protection possible. You can place your tablet into the Buddy case and press the corners into place


Q: Does this case come with a stand?

A: Our Pure Sense Buddy has a handle that is great for carrying the tablet around. That same handle can be used as a stand-in for two different views.

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