How do you ship bulk orders?

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We are very flexible with regard to shipping options:

Shipping with DHL/UPS/FedEx – this is our most popular shipping method. We take care of shipping your order using our own courier account and we are able to give you a massive discount. It usually takes 2-3 business days for a shipment to be delivered. This is the best method for shipping packages smaller than 1 cubic meter.

FOB – shipping by boat. We recommend this method for packages larger than 1 cubic meter that is not time-sensitive. It usually takes 35 days for a package to arrive at the destination port. You will need to take care of receiving the order in the port and any customs clearances. It is significantly cheaper to ship a large volume using this method.

Shipping using your own agent – we can prepare the order and have it ready for your agent to pick it up in our warehouse. We do this completely free of charge, regardless of the volume.

Shipping to your warehouse in China – we can send the entire order directly to your warehouse in Mainland China. This is the best option if you have a distribution center set in China.

Contact us directly to discuss the best shipping option for your needs at

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