Cooper Desk Pro Leather Folding Laptop Desk

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Does the surface texture allow writing on a single sheet of paper?

Answer: Although the table surface is made of PU leather with a light non-slip texture, it’s still suitable for writing with just a single sheet of paper! 

Can you remove the stopper?

Answer: Yes! You can place the stopper on either the right or left side - depending on your laptop position or right/left-hand preference. 

What are the width and depth dimensions of the legs?


If not extended, the width between the legs is 23.6" wide at the bottom. When fully extended, it's 25.2".

If not extended, the depth between the legs is 10.6" wide at the bottom. When fully extended, it's 15.2".

How do I keep the top from slanting down when I type?

Answer: The product has four preset tilt angles. Swivel the latches, then adjust the tabletop to the desired angle. Swivel the latches again to lock it in place. 

Can the storage drawer hold a phone?

Answer: It depends on the size of your phone! Most 4-inch phones can fit. 

Why does the desk have sled-design legs?

Answer: The sled-design legs make it super easy to move the desk back and forth, even on soft surfaces! 

Where is this made?

Answer: The product is designed in Australia and manufactured in China with our strict supervision. 

Is the tabletop water-resistant?

Answer: Yes! The tabletop is coated with a PU leather dust and spray resistant surface. You can easily clean it with a little water and a dry cloth.

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