Mangata Orbit [Cordless Power Bank Charging Dock] for Home & Office

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I do not see a charge from the charging stand, is there something I missed?

Answer: Please check the connection between the mobile battery and the charging base for dirt and dust. Gently wipe the connection area with a soft cloth such as a cell phone screen wipe or glasses wipe for cleaning.


I can't charge from the charging stand even after cleaning?


1. Change the battery charging location and try charging. If you cannot charge from the same place, please check if there is any abnormality in the corresponding place's connection.

2. Please try to charge the mobile battery directly with the included USB cable. If you cannot charge the mobile battery even if you use the cable, there is a possibility of a malfunction on the mobile battery side.

3. In the unlikely event that you cannot use it, please check the above 1.2 and contact our customer support. We will respond promptly and politely to solve the problem.

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