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Q: How do I pair the keyboard with my tablet?

A: Start by charging your keyboard completely, then turn the keyboard ON.

For Android tablets:

Launch Settings > Bluetooth

  1. Turn Bluetooth On.
  2. Search for available devices.
  3. Choose 'Bluetooth Keyboard'.
  4. You are connected. 

For Windows tablets:

Launch Settings > Devices > Bluetooth

  1. Turn Bluetooth On.
  2. Search for available devices.
  3. Choose 'Bluetooth Keyboard'.
  4. You are connected.

For iPad OS:

Launch Settings > Bluetooth

  1. Turn Bluetooth On.
  2. Search available devices.
  3. Choose 'Bluetooth Keyboard'.


Q: My keyboard stopped typing, / some keys stopped working.

A: Most keyboard issues come from low battery. Charge your keyboard for around 6 hours. If the problem persists, please contact us for more assistance.


Q: Where can I view the electronic manual of the keyboard?

A: The digital user manual of the keyboard is here.


Q: Will this keyboard work with Windows tablets?

A: Yes. This keyboard is compatible with Windows 10, Android, and iPad tablets.


Q: I cannot find the '@' sign?

A: The keyboard's language is in the US QWERTY by default. Please set US QWERTY layout under the input method language settings of your tablet:

For tablet:

Launch Settings > ‘Language & input’

  1. Select ‘Select keyboard layout’.
  2. Find your Bluetooth keyboard listed under ‘Physical keyboard’ and press on its name.
  3. Select ‘Set up keyboard layouts’.
  4. Find your desired language.

If multiple languages are enabled, you may press Ctrl+Space on your Bluetooth keyboard to switch between them.

For iPad:

Launch Settings from your Home screen.

  1. Select 'General'.
  2. Scroll down and select 'Keyboard'.
  3. Tap 'Add New Keyboard'.
  4. Scroll down and select 'United States'.

To return to another keyboard, simply tap and hold the globe key and make your selection again.


Q: Can I still take pictures with the tablet in the case?

A: The Cooper Infinite Executive case is universal. It fits many tablet models. Each tablet has a camera in a different position. A single-camera cutout wouldn't be universally compatible, so this case does not have a camera cutout. 


Q: I'm afraid the claws won't hold my tablet well, or it will be too tight.

A: Four claws hold each corner of the tablet. The claws stretch to hold the tablet securely in place, even when dropped in the case. Each claw is coated in protective silicon to protect the tablet from scratches.


Q: How do you move the cursor around if there is no touch-pad or mouse input?

A: This keyboard does not have a track-pad. Please touch the tablet screen for navigation.


Q: What is the language layout of the keyboard?

A: The default keyboard/language layout is US QWERTY. 


Q: Does it comes with a charger, or is a charger needed?

A: The keyboard cover comes with a charging cable only. No charging brick is included in the packaging.


Q: Does the keyboard light up?

A: No. This keyboard does not have a back-light feature.


Q: Does it have a number lock? 

A: The keyboard does not have a number lock; however, it has a number key found on the second row from the top.


Q: What material are the keyboard keys? 

A: The key buttons use the same plastic materials as standard laptop keyboards.


Q: How long does the charge generally last?

A: The keyboard battery lasts 60-100 hours. Recharging takes up to 2 hours. 

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