Where do you ship?

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Tablet2Cases is a multinational organization which ships items globally. Currently, we have warehouses in the USA, Canada, the UK, continental Europe, Japan, Australia, and Hong Kong.

We can guarantee expedited delivery to almost any country in the world.

Standard delivery depends on the logistics of your national postal services. Sometimes we cannot guarantee that all packages ordered with standard shipping will make it on time. Our customers have experienced difficulties in South America and throughout some African countries.

If you have reason to believe the postal service in your country is not reliable, we recommend choosing expedited delivery for your product delivery. If you want a standard shipping method to a country that provides unreliable service, we may get back to you to recommend upgrading to expedited shipping. You’re welcome to contact us on chat to double-check or drop us a message at hello@tablet2cases.com

If you are unsure how long your item will take to arrive, you can compare your country with your selected shipping method below:

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