How does Bluetooth work?

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Before setting up Bluetooth devices, it is helpful to understand the associated terminology

Discoverable mode - Allows a Bluetooth device to broadcast a signal so that it can be detected by other nearby Bluetooth devices.

Searching - The process by which one Bluetooth device attempts to locate another Bluetooth device that is broadcasting a signal in the discoverable mode.

Pairing - The process by which two Bluetooth-enabled devices use a passkey to establish a link between them for the first time.

Passkey - A passkey, sometimes called a passcode or pairing code, is a series of unique numbers that allow two Bluetooth-enabled devices to securely communicate with each other.

To set up a new Bluetooth-enabled device on your tablet or smartphone:

  1. Make the new device discoverable
  2. Search for the new device from your tablet/phone
  3. Pair tablet/phone with the new device.

Some devices require using a passkey to establish a connection, others do not. After pairing the Bluetooth device with the tablet/phone, be sure that you go back and deselect discovery mode so that your tablet/phone cannot be seen by nearby Bluetooth devices.


You can find your keyboards instruction manual here 

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